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Scam Warning


Lister advertises for a property that is not real, not theirs, or not available. Please be sure this is a real property PRIOR to sending any money or releasing any financial information. If you believe you have been scammed or are viewing a scam listing, please contact the Police Department.

Also, please be aware of the following scam: The fraudster will contact you (usually by email) stating that they want to rent your apartment, room, etc. They will tell you that they will send you a check -or- cashier's check over the amount you are requesting and ask that you send them back the overage. (One of the reasons they use is that they need the money to get to the U.S.).

This is a scam! The victim will cash the check and wire the overage to them. The counterfeit check will then be returned to the victim and the victim is liable to their bank for the full amount of the check. You would not only be out the money you sent to them; but you would be responsible for the bad check.

This is just one of the scams going on. If you suspect fraudulent activity, please report it to the police department!