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Phishing Scam

This scam has been seen more recently and is used in conjunction with the Bad Checks Scam (seen below). Like the previous scam, the fraudster will contact you via email or text stating that they want to rent your apartment.

Once you reply to their email, their response will contain a well crafted story about their background. It may even contain a picture of a id (which is most likely falsified). Their response email may appear legitimate at first, but here are some things to look out for:

  • Poor grammar, unusual spelling mistakes, poor formatting, or sentences that do not make sense when grouped together. This usually indicates that the person is following off of a script when creating the email.
  • An inability to view the apartment in person/take a phone call/skype. Usually, they will say they they are out of state. Scammers will not usually make phone calls or do a face-to-face video chat.
  • Aggressively attempting to get details about the lease or rent details. If they seem extremely eagar to get a copy of the lease or send you payment, they may be attempting to get your personal information or attempting the bad checks scam (seen below).
  • Example Scam Email Text 1:

    As regards the lease agreement,if there is any,i want you to send it to me for my review,i will eventually have it filled and signed on my arrival in your place and I will abide by it I will appreciate a quick response from you so that we can move ahead as regards sending payment for rent and deposit to you.

    Example Scam Email Text 2:

    I would love to rent the place for the time it's available for .I'll be busy with travel arrangements but I will like you to get back to me as soon as you can so that I can make preparations for the rent and deposit fee to be sent out to you before my arrival in your place in order to secure the place before I come..

    Example Scam Email Text 3:

    i will need you to provide me with your full name in which the check will be issued and your complete physisical contact address to which it will be sent to by my, as soon as you provides these,i will forward it to my financier with an instuction to issue and send you the check

If you see any of these indications, do not reply to the email!

Bad Checks Scam

Also, please be aware of the following scam: The fraudster will contact you (usually by email) stating that they want to rent your apartment, room, etc.

They will tell you that they will send you a check -or- cashier's check over the amount you are requesting and ask that you send them back the overage. (One of the reasons they use is that they need the money to get to the U.S.).

This is a scam! The victim will cash the check and wire the overage to them. The counterfeit check will then be returned to the victim and the victim is liable to their bank for the full amount of the check. You would not only be out the money you sent to them; but you would be responsible for the bad check.

Fake Property Listings Scam

Lister advertises for a property that is not real, not theirs, or not available. Please be sure this is a real property PRIOR to sending any money or releasing any financial information. If you believe you have been scammed or are viewing a scam listing, please contact the Police Department.

These are just some of the scams going on. If you suspect fraudulent activity, please report it to the police department!